New Site!

New Site!

Hi folks, I built this website on Wednesday (27/06/12) so it’s really new. As you can see there are no recipes, no blog posts or any of your experiences yet so please bare with me whilst I start publishing some stuff. You can read about me and check out my top tips whilst you wait and you can also spread the word about what I’m doing and even send me some of your own recipes and experiences to publish on the site. This is all about helping each other with baby led weaning and reviewing restaurants as far as their options and service for children go. Before long the content on this site will be gold dust for all parents out there so it would be great if you join our community and get involved in some way.

We’ve also got a new Facebook page so you can chat to me and other parents there!

Thanks and look forward to hearing from you soon.

Best Wishes, Kaori x

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