The first taste of real food!

The first taste of real food!

Ok, now this is a bit difficult because although I had intended to keep a food diary for when I started weaning IM I didn’t actually do it, thinking to myself ‘oh I’ll do it tomorrow’ and ‘it’s ok I’ll remember’. Well IM is over ten months old now and we’ve been weaning for four months, so please forgive me if I don’t blog about every meal – blimey, we’d be here all year!

So, let’s start with as far back as I can remember…

IM was almost six months old and we were having an afternoon tea birthday party for a friends 30th. Laid out in front of us to feast on was an array of delicious sandwiches, cakes, crisps, dips and crudites. The cucumber, If my memory serves me correctly had been cut by my friends Daughter and there was a conversation between lovely Mother and Daughter about the chunks being a bit on the large side. Well, I’m a cucumber fan so was happily chomping away at these generous portions when IM, who was in my arms at the time, reached out towards the piece I was about to take a bite of. Before this she hadn’t shown much interest in our food but this bright green delicacy had quite clearly tempted her. It wasn’t quite time for me to start weaning her but as she had shown an interest and we were only about a week away from my planned start date I threw caution to the wind and passed it to her. There was no hanging about or playing with this potential toy, no siree! There was no mistaking this tantalising cucumber for anything other than food and there was only one place it was headed, yep you’ve got it. Straight into IM’s mouth! I was so shocked watching her gnaw at it excitedly with her gums that I was probably staring open mouthed clucking about it for a good five minutes. Such a Mother thing to do but it was a big moment! Well, I thought so anyway 😉

So this is what confirmed to me that Baby Led Weaning was the way to go with IM and I was even more excited to get started and begin giving her the next taste of solid foods, the question was what would she try next…

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